Info on DC plugs and sockets


2010-05-22 5:27 am
Hello friends, Good day to you all.

Is there any info, links or directions on standards for DC plugs and sockets used in electronic appliances?

ID / OD, length dimensions, current rating, international standard part number etc.,
Different for American and European plugs?

Any information is appreciated.

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The standard part of a connector is the interface to its complement - chassis cutouts etc can vary between model and manufacturer for many types. Datasheets are the place to look.

DC power connectors are less stnadardized than mains ones, a sad fact of life. This is mainly due to the very wide range of DC voltages used - you'd need so many standards if every voltage had a different connector.
It would be great if there was even a de-facto standard for dual-rail DC power connectors, for instance +/-15V and ground for preamps and the like. There are various barrel connectors for single rail DC. I suppose a 3-pin JST connector would be appropriate on a PCB, but what for a back-panel? An XLR would clearly be a dangerous choice!