• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Info on Croft Integrated Amp

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Hi Mozilla,

I have some circuit diagriams of Croft gear even the man himself as never seen.
Glenn Croft usually works whith small sketches and takes it from there.
His words,mumbling:"can't be bothered really".
To my mind the man is a genious so I forgive him and do his homework for him leaving him to his job.
I'll e-mail you the circuit diagram minus the input selectors and so on since it was drawn from a predecessing amp.



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The crof integrated


I have had the chance of listening a couple of times to the new croft integrated- the CG-i.

This thing is not good: it is exceptional.
Not only by comparison to its direct competitors in its price range, but comparing it to amplifiers costing 5 times as more.
It is one of the best amplifiers I have had the chance of auditioning so far.
Together with the Charisma £2000 preamp it is the best I have listened so far, and I have listened to quite a lot of gear in the last years,,,

One interesting quality of this amplifier is that it will make sing as you never imagined any loudspeaker you dare to bring into your listening room.
I have listened to it with the LothX horns, with the Blue Note floorstanders, Klipsch La Escala, Proacs, sonus faber, and a couple of them I cant remember know and it brought magic into them.
It was an incredible thing...
By comparison, my Sugden A21 integrated sounds like a £30 aiwa or philips hifi you can get from Argos.
The difference in performance seeemed to be well over £2000.
It was not a slight rise in performance from the sugden a21.
It was in a completely different league. They simply can not be compared. (In any way)
When I was told the price of the amp I could not believe what I was hearing. I had to ask again to double check the figure,,,,
To tell the truth, I can still barely believe it, but it seems to be true because they are selling them at the moment,,,

There is a review on hifi news where Ken Kessler says that its direct competitors are the McIntosh C2200/MC2102 combination and the T+A v-10.
That will give you a hint of what kind of gear we are talking about here.

I will try to upload later the review here.

Good luck,


PD- Lets see when people start forgetting about the "gain-clowns" and start doing these instead!
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The difference in performance seeemed to be well over £2000.

No need to convince me, I've known Glenn for 18 years now.

I also own a pair of his big OTL amps and a Mega Micro preamp.

Just like yourself I thought they where the bargain of the century and bought the gear as a reference in my auditorium.

Another British genius is Tom Fletcher from Nottingham Analogue, most of his TTs beat the expensive SME hands down.

Like Croft valve gear they can really convey the dynamic scale effortlessly given the right material.

Cheers and join the club,;)
Hi Frank

Never heard a Croft amp but read many opinions, mostly agreeing upon good sound and atrocious build quality. The circuit you posted (and others i've seen) does reveal high similarity to some Leak amps and there is certainly no hint of a genius. I've also seen circuits of some of their preamps which look equally uninspiring.
How do you explain the great sound? Good building techniques? An inhouse magician?
I would have to agree

Don't mean to sound harsh, but I am uninspired as well.

All the compensation caps, electrolytic cap, multiple small coupling caps, and high value grid stoppers in the signal path certainly makes me wonder as well.

1250lbs, though isn't too bad a price though.:)
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Peter, Steve,

The circuit shown has got nothing to do whatsoever with the integrated b_online is talking about.

Historically Glenn Croft started out modding Leak amps but that's 20 years ago.

As far as I'm concerned the secret is in the PSU.
Even in the circuit shown the PSU was regulated by tubes and even though it's quite likely a Leak TLxx clone it surely doesn't sound like one.

Glenn's the only designer I ever met who could design you a tube amp that didn't arc the panels of the old Quad ESLs and still gave you unbelievable levels of SPLs from them....

Believe me, many witnessed it back in 1986 when he was fed up with the Penta show and retired to his demo room blasting away rock music with this gear...while having a few Carlsbergs to keep him company.

With the newer products, the double C core OPTs, good PSU regulation using valves, P2P, excellent passive components and the fact that it's all handmade by the man himself at a price that is just unbelievable sets them apart both sonically and pricewise.

O.K...I'll stop the P.R. machine right here and now. :angel:

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Do you have the schematics for the integrated?


While I could draw them I wouldn't even think of publicising them unless I had explicit agreement from Glenn.

Is there a limit to cheapskates?

Come on, b_online, get yourself a job on the side or something but don't ask people to hand out free lunches.

Copying a Croft design using catalogue parts is probably going to cost you more than buying the stuff in the first place...

Cheers, ;)
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