info needed on replacement for 2sa1963/2sc4466


2010-12-03 2:37 am
working on this 4 chanel amp that have 2sa1693/2sc4466 combo on each chanell i guess at some point 2 chanels have been bridged and when bad .i have sett for one chanel repair but i was wondering is there a easy to find pair of those transistors here.When on ebay and some guy at singapore have them but im not waiting 1 month for them
Ebay is like a superstore for counterfeit items. Most of the problem is from sellers from Hong Kong and China. I've never purchased anything from HK or China that was of acceptable quality. I deal with a lot of people (some here, a lot more via email) struggling to troubleshoot strange problems and in virtually every instance where they purchased parts from ebay, those parts were the problem. It's like NTE parts. If you want to avoid problems, Don't use them. Always buy from reputable distributors.