Infinity Reference, best bang for your buck?

for the last couple years of now my 4 channel amp in my 4runner has been out. Never finding the time to work on it. So i've been painfully dealing :headbash: with the stock amp on the Pioneer head unit for my door speakers ( Infinity Reference REF6032CF, 6.5in. 2-way x 4 ). Which by the way is what i had in my Tacoma before rolling it offroading:(. Anyways I recently came up on an Aura Audio 4 channel ( huge freaking amp ) dont know the specs cause that info is like not online. Anyways FINALLY got some good clean power pushing those Infinity's and I have to say they must be the best bang for your buck door speakers on the market. Easily found for less then $100 bucks / pr. and sound awesome. Am i not alone here in thinking highly of these speakers?

Now im kinda thinking about the Reference series subs. Anyone have experience with those? I currently have two 12" Comp VR's.
I have the reference 12. I havent really had any other subs, So i dont know the difference. The reference needs 1 3/4 cubic foot volume for sealed enclosure. I switched it after a few years for a kappa pervect 12.1, because I wanted leg room in my truck. Because it can do a 1 cubic foot box. the referance, seemed a little boomier on the base, the kappa is a little crisper, and tighter.

Both however are almost to much for the 5 1/4 door, and the behind the seat 6/9's. OVerall Good sound quality, in and close to vehicle.