Infinity Kappa VS Morel (Tempo?)

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I own A morel Maximo (compo).
Al tough I read that maximo gives A great VFM I still I want to add more depth (hope it the right term) into the front stage And I feels that there not much of this depth.

I heard good things about Kappa series!

I am A moderate listener...also At home I have good - but entry level system (pionneer 921+Polk Audio S20 Signature + S15).

So I want A good ENTRY level speakers and thought about Kappa series of Infinity.
What do you think?

What about Morel that would be the "parallel" of them to Kappa 62IX or 60.11CS?

1) In the Infinity Kappa 60.11CS - in title it's 6-3/4" but on description its 6.5".
So...what is it?
2) Is there A noticable advantage for A component sp over coaxial?

Thanks so much!
I own a set of Kappa CS 6.5" coaxials for the rear fill - they sound just 'ok', and are acceptable enough for people in the rear. I guess they provide good bass, but the middle and upper clarity could be better (they definitely don't sound like you are in the recording studio).

My recommendation is with JL Audio's line speakers. After going with JL Audio C5 components for the front, which I've been listening to for over 2 years now, I'm still blown away by the sound quality they output, especially when you turn your subwoofer down a bit. The listener can actually critique a recording with these, and they are very neutral and natural sounding and will not influence the recording. In my opinion, the C5's are at the 'last speaker' status (and JL knows it), which is probably why their design hasn't changed since circa 2010, while the price has edged up each year. C3 and C2 are comparable, with tradeoffs for budget. C1's are basically an entry level product. You pay a little more for JL Audio speakers, but the listener save lots of time in auditioning other speakers since the listener is almost guaranteed to be happy with JL's sound, if the listener wants sound quality.
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I dont know how is it in u.s, but there is no much stores that have, what so called, "wall"
with speakers you can try....IF AT ALL.
Car AV is not like home AV which you can try from 20-50 models of speakers at shop.

1) In title of A speakers A speakers listed as 6-3/4"
But on description its 6.5".
So...what is it? 6-3/4" or 6-1/2" ?

2) What is the effect of 6*9 speakers for the listener at the front?
Would you add 6*9 if you were satisfied from the subwoofer?

Thank you
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