Inexpensive low profile 50,000 uF 60V caps in PSU

Hi, guys! Here are some good looking quite fat nice blue low profile electrolytics on e-bay that might be of use when building PSU for filtering out the pulsation and providing some extra support for a good deep sounding bass. The size is half of a Duracap of the same specs! :confused: And aluminum terminals are much larger in diameter, than Duracap, must be low ESR, so no problem with passing high currents (almost the same diameter as a car battery cable :D) Have a look...


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How many caps I have?...

I was posting them in a bunch of four and two before, but since it didn't pick much of interest (the last lot ended up unsold) I scaled back to one again now, just for the minimal presence at E-bay, but I still do have few dozens of those nice caps, so I can send you as many as you need. You can get the idea about the pricing along with the shipping cost out from my Q&A I post almost daily for other potential buyers. So just let me know how many you need here or at e-bay, and I'll do my calculations...