Inexpensive HDMI 2 channel receiver design discussion


2013-11-16 4:52 am
Hi all,

I want to build a 2 channel hdmi receiver that takes 2 channel PCM with a HDMI pass through to a TV and possibly a HDMI switch input all integrated into one box with a remote control for volume and switching. I also want to make this dirt cheap and available to everyone. I feel this should exist as sound bars are just awful compared to a descent bookshelf that can be had cheaper than ever. I also happen to think that spdif seems to be fading fast and I like the idea of needing one descent dac instead of relying on the ones in the TV or the blu ray player. I also find the sound of a cheap T-amp like a Muse to be acceptable. I am curious as you guy's input as to how much power it should have and where would be the sweet spot for price for something like this and what cheap amp would you use. I was figuring in the $120 range for the unit.

This is simply a thought experiment but hoping this would lead to possibly a kickstarter or simple add on poor man pre pro for the diy community. I do not possess the skills to make this happen by myself although I can build the amp but custom hdmi circuits and chips not my thing.

Let me know what you guys think. After we get a requirement list down and enough interested people maybe we can make something happen as good sound should be for the masses. Don't start a flame war over the amp type please.