Inexpensive, but Quality source of Capacitors?

Hi All.

I'm finding myself delving in Vintage Loudspeaker performance improvement as well as understanding X Overs and would like to discover a go to Australian source for quality Capacitors, and related parts which are reasonably priced.

I'm keen to avoid poor quality non Hi Fi parts, but don't want to pay the world to buy or ship quality.

Is there a supplier of quality Capacitors which you recommend?

I chose Australian locations to save on shipping, but if there are overseas options I'm happy to explore these as well.

My understanding is that although there is a lot of rubbish being produced in China, if they build to specification, there are big savings to be made.

I want to avoid el cheapo parts which might add noise & distortion to the signal.

Are there Chinese suppliers of quality?


Noise is not normally a capacitor issue, unless its very poor build-quality or recycled pulled components of unknown provenance.

Distortion depends on the type of capacitor only. Polypropylene film are superb.
Whether you can be sure a cheap suppliers "polypropylene" capacitors are not mylars is an issue, but not if you go to a reputable electronics supplier.

Avoid any type of paper capacitor at all costs.