Inductors, PSUs, Amps

I recently bought a speaker kit that came with some passive xover components. Since I plan on using an active crossover, I don't have any need for the inductors (I'll use some of the capacitors for DC-protection on the tweeters).

So what would be good uses for a pair of .82 and .47 mH inductors? The obvious things that came to mind were either an inductor-loaded PSU, or just a pi-filter in a capacitor-loaded PSU, although I'm not particularly familiar with what are good values for these.

I recall reading snippets of info about inductor-loaded amplifiers (using inductors instead of resistors or current-sources). It might've been on, or someone mentioning ways of dropping the dissipation on a SoZ...probably both. Does anyone have any clue about this? My google searches tend to yield more noise than signal...