Inductors in T Amp

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Thank you! Now I have toroids ;) And I know value - 10uH :)


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My English is not so good but I'll try to explain...

First thing is that the shortest (possible) signal and/or power supply path is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing here. Like for the GainCard/GainClone amp. Again THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. If you fail here and leave only few millimeters of wire more than it's necessary result will be not so good.

You need good magnifying glass. I have two of them.
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Without this and good soldering iron you can't do much. But with this you can put two 1000-2200uf/16-25V caps close to TA2024 as TRIPATH suggest (see picture ):smash:


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Next replace DIODES.
Find MBRS 130 T3 SHOTTKY 30V 1A diodes. Or other suitable Ultra Fast Recovery diodes :c_flag:

For maximum effectivness these diodes MUST be located close to the output pins and returned to their respective PGND tm

This means try to move new diodes closer to TA 2024 chip.


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... solder silver wire on pcb traces. Just follow traces to the connection points. Make pause every 5 minutes and drink beer :clown:

... and remove LED diode. You need all power for your TA 2024. Or make new power supply for LED.


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Aluminium box IS VERY IMPORTANT for this amplifier. Plastic or wood boxes are:whazzat: Boxes made of this materials can look really good but for this amp use aluminium or maybe copper...

and remove volume pot and replace it with Stevens & Billington Limited Audio transformers TX-102!

:wave2: :hphones:


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Between pin 10 and 11 you have
36k feedback resistor


between pin 14 and 15 you have another
36k feedback resistor

Change this to 20K 0.1% smd resistors (see TRIPATH Technical Information)

The ideal gain of the TA 2040 is set by the ratio of two external resistors, R(I) and R(F). The ideal gain is 12V/V, whereas typical values are: Av=11.5V/V for 4ohm 11.7V/V for 8ohm.


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