InDIYana 2020; year of the rearward emanation....

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Due to the concerns of pretty much everyone USA-wide about COVID19, I'm adding some additional information to this thread. At the moment, I have clarified with the Hampton that they will be open as long as they can be, and are still running as usual until further notice.

As of today 3/20/2020, we are still on for InDIYana 2020 on April 24/25. At the same time, eateries may become a problem as dining-in is pretty much prohibited and several businesses have stopped allowing entrance and gone exclusively to drive-up/pick-up types of orders. The Domino's and having pizza is still a likely solution at this time, or you can bring your own or go get your own food. Barring any further push of out-of-schooling, businesses closing down, or government mandating, this is how it will likely be. The limbo of the varying moment kind of has us by the throat and we have to evaluate as it comes. Please be patient as we see how this all shakes out.

In short synopsis, if InDIYana will be postponed or cancelled, the decision will be made by 2 weeks from today if not before. And- even if one of these results occurs, 2021 will still happen. 2021's itinerary/scheduling will respond/result from the fallout of the InDIYana 2020 situation.
I can say for sure that I will definitely NOT be coming.

It is unwise in these times to gather. Really, forget it. Were you planning to stay in the hotel? Who might have stayed there just prior, and left only a couple of hours before? Is the cleaning staff all healthy? Good grief...

Our stupid little audio hobby is not worth any risk to life and liberty and this is not just going to magically disappear "poof" by then.
....and here it is, the decision- We have postponed 2020 to the following year. We're going to call 2021 a "belated 2020" and host and translate in hindsight everything that would have been 2020 in LaPorte, IN in 2021. Website has been updated to reflect this change. I will be minimally involved in the setup, except for the fact that all I did this year will just translate to next year in a different location.

Keep those you love safe, be well, and we'll see each other hopefully next April.

Best regards,
Cancelation is a great move. I've been skipping free concerts in NewAlbany since February 15.
Explative deleted, La Porte? Why don't you call it the Chicago East diy fest?
I ride an electric bicycle, not a car. I can't even get a Greyhound to Laporte. How about Colombus, IN?
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.