Indeed Mini Cute/SMSL Amp-03 dimensions


2011-08-11 5:31 pm
Hi everybody

I'm trying to find out the outer dimensions of Indeed mini cute/SMSL Amp-03. On ebay it says 72mm x 26mm x 108mm but what I can't figure out is if this includes the front aluminium plate or not.

What I'm mostly interested in knowing, is the dimensions of the case itself, excluding the front plate.

Can anybody who owns this amp do some measures and help me out?



2013-05-15 5:53 pm
I'm looking for one to use in a halfinator. :) I was first looking at the Indeed TA2021, but that one has an input sensitivity of 600 mV, whereas the SMSL-36A has an input sensitivity of 200 mV and would go louder with a low level audio source as iPod/mp3. I'm hesitating between SMSL-36A, SMSL-S1, SMSL-4S and the Indeed TA 2020. There isn't that much difference between them, but could you maybe help me making this choice? :D