Increasing Power Output of a Car amplifier


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2002-07-01 12:45 pm
i have a Q' ! ....

in my amp i have a 4- 2SC5198 and 4- 2SA1941 TR'. my amp is 800W if i change the transistors to - 4- 2SC5200 and 4- 2SA1943 my amp will be stronger??

and i have in my amp 6 transistors of IRFZ44N if i change them to IRFZ48N what will be?

(MY AMP IS 12V to 60V)


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2002-07-01 12:45 pm


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2002-09-25 11:01 am
Just changing the output transistors will not give you more power. It will allow the amp to handle more power, but not provide more power. The limiting factor will be the power supply.

Even if you change the transistors in the power supply, which I assume is the second set of IRFs you are talking about, you have a little inductor/transformer which is designed with a certain power requirement in mind. That will limit your amp's power output to whatever that can cope with.

In addition, you have to consider the internal wiring, the PCB tracks and whether they can handle the additional current, among other things.
to get more power out of it you need to either up the voltage, or up the current. changing the transistors will not up the volatage, you need to change the power supply for that. The transistor change can increase current if you get parts with biger ratings. then you can run to a lower impedance output. for example you run to 4 ohm mono at 800 watts, if you can double the cutrrent rating of the transistors you could get 1600 watts to 2 ohm mono.
Unfortunately, this would be more of a peak power number tho, as your power supply would also need to suplpy double the current. The final issue is heat, your amp sink is not gonna be able to dissapate that uch extra heat, and may thermal cycle off.
If you really want more power from the car amp you have to look at many things..
I personally researched this a littel while ago and decided it was not worht the effort, better off to sell it on ebay, and buy somehting bigger off ebay or an onlne discounter.