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2017-09-19 9:45 pm
Hi - am building a budget 2nd system and have settled on MarkAudios thanks to advice here. However, I am starting with the amp having picked up a 2nd hd pair of BK mosfet modules, which I will re-cap and play with (separate power supply etc) have used in the past - quite good with better caps.

anyway; it would be useful to drive these passively - however due to source limitations(manufacture reccs.) i need to keep the inZ @ 10K

i note the first thing on the input is a 100K across +/-

would it be problimatic to simply replace this with a 100k pot, or a bigger value + a pot to = 100k - the aim being to maintain inZ at 10K (i know linearity of the pot will suffer...)
otherwise i guess its pre amp time (though have a psu i can use)

thanks in advance if you have any input on this basic q.


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2009-01-01 4:53 pm
the 100k res is closing the dc-path of the input cap.......should be no problem to change this res.

but the picture show the 100k res to ground, a 1k res in the signal path and a
47k res again to ground, so your input impedance could be (estimated) aroiund
if you use a 22k pot at the input (without changeing the input parts) you will be close to 10k........


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The 100k is to discharge the electrolytic. The actual load resistor is the 47k after the cap, but in combination with the input resistor that's about 33k input impedance.

Adding 13k in parallel with the 47k, or replacing the 47k with 10k will give an input impedance of 10k. A pot on the input would compromise noise performance.
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