in-wall DIY for HomeTheater room...

the recent purchase of new livingroom furniture has put my B&W's on the endangered lis, you see, my better half has told me "they don't go" with the decor...

so, i get the B&W's for tunes upstairs while i finish my 3 way active crossed towers (just finished assembling John Pomann's active crossover kit, now starting the testing before plugging into my 3 amps...)

SO, i'm looking for advice on the following:

1) what's the general rule regarding picking a (mid/bass) driver based on it's Qts for inwall use? (i assume it will be "free air" or technically within a poorly sealed box 4" deep, 16" wide and 96" tall enclosure ;)

2) My A/V receiver does have "small speaker" settings, but i think i'll also but a high-pass filter at a safe point (~80hz) to keep this puppies from bottoming out on louder DVD passages... any input on that?

3) It's a Sony ES A/V receiver with ~100 watts x 5, any recommendations on a 2 way or MTM set with a final 8 ohm impedence you think i should look into? (my sub takes over below 60hz)

thanks for reading...
1. I believe a Qts of .7 is best for free air. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

2. The "small speaker" setting uses an 80 hz high pass filter, and filters the low frequency to the LFE channel, making a built in high pass unnecessary. Check your manual, it should state the crossover point.