In need of good class D amp

Hi everyone.

I recently made a boombox and bought sanwu audio TDA7492 2.0 2x50W AMP. Not only I got faulty one (around 5 pops when turning on and 1 after stopping playing music), I also broke it with my 4Ω speakers and 90W power supply and now it heats up to 60°C when idle or working.

So here is my question. I want to buy a new amplifier, but i don't know which to buy. I need 2 channels, something that suits my 90W power supply, lots of gain (the dip switches were awesome for me because i use my kit outdoors sometimes [when on gain I do not care about noise, but indoors would be noticeable]), bluetooth. Budget is ~20$

This will be my second amplifier, so any modifications to the board would be hard for me.

Send help.
grahamgraham yes, I can solder but i have not much knowledge about terminology and what will my modifications cause, so i would like to keep things simple. Maybe if there is some good board without gain control I could add one with someones help.

This board that you linked is pretty nice but it's a bit overkill for me and it has (I think it's not so good) 85% efficiency and it says it has bt but I can't see any antennas nor bluetooth modules.