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In LA: Free receivers in various states

I've got a few items for free to clear off my work bench; you'd have to pick them up in the east SFV, however.

-Kenwood KR3600 stereo receiver; needs some new lamps and PS caps. Has new ultra-fast rectifiers and some nice new Mills wire-wound resistors at the output. There is a portion of the plastic radio dial which bubbled from tape or other adhesive and it seemingly can't be cleared. Works fine; just salvaged the new PS caps for another project. It is this unit: ebolatone: Cleaning tip for vintage stereo gear

-Sherwood 4109 100W stereo receiver with remote; powers up, displays the input selected, relay clicks and goes back into standby. I never even downloaded a service manual for it. One PS rail appears to not be holding its voltage. It had worked well in my system for a while and then developed this issue.

An OEM 100W 1U stereo amplifier, the non-rebadged version of this: PylePro - PSA2000-Home and Office-Amplifiers - Receivers-Sound and Recording-Amplifiers - Receivers It's built like a tank but reviews of the Pyle say the rack ears are arbitrary and don't line up with standard positions, and that the fan is very loud, so this is for installations. I've looked inside and there are some badly-replaced resistors. The fuse is blown and I've not attempted to replace it and see if this works.

-Sony STR-7035 stereo receiver, one channel was out. Have partially unwound the PS from the other boards and have given away the volume-balance control and knobs. The STK amp components claim to have a section which operates in Class A.

Thanks for looking! Thanks to this community for the help I've received and seen given!