In A Quandry

Hi Guys:

I have built and have the Finalists as my primary speakers. I settled on the Finalists due to my room size and build complexity. That said, I prefer the sound of ribbon tweeters and would have preferred to have built the Statements.

I finally couldn't hold back anymore and decided to build the Micro Statements. Wow! As mush as I like the Finalists the Micro Statements (to my ears) are head and shoulders above the Finalists in their detail and clarity. The sound is not as full as they are bookshelf speakers but the clarity, definition and sound stage more than make up for that.

My quandry is, do I replace my 7 speaker setup with the Micro Statements or move the L & R up to the Bordeauxs and push the Micro statements to surround duty. Seems like a waste of them but if the Bordeauxs are that much better it could be worth it?

Music is my priority for sound but they will used as a HT mostly.