Improving a Marshall MG30DFX


2009-12-27 7:59 pm

I may be able to get hold of a Marshall MG30DFX amp.

I was originally going to build a P1 or similar tube amp.
however for the price of the MG30DFX I am considering getting it and then modding it to improve the amp.

Are there any suggestions for improve such an amp, out would the cash be better off put towards a valve project?

Many thanks.
Should I order beef or seafood?

Without you playing through the MG30 and identifying areas it needs improvement, it is hard to say what it might want improved.

If you want a useful working amp, then this might be a good choice. But if you want a project and a chance to learn something, then building a tube amp is a fine idea.


2010-12-23 7:15 pm
Hi Holmes, I have played on that series of Marshall. They do clean quite well, and they do the fully cranked up lead distortion well. It is the in-between warm overdrive that is lacking. If you get it for a low price though I think it would be a good project to mod.