Improve Radio Shack 200W sub

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You maybe remember the Radio Shack/RCA Pro sw200p. Here is a link to spec, basically (12" driver, 200W 4ohms, Crossover 50 hz - 200 hz, Frequency 36 hz - 200z).

Although it's nothing to write home about, a new driver or a new amp should improve it.
I am think about, $150-$200 a driver now, $150-$200 an amp later, finally built a new box.
Any idea? Oh, by the way, 4 ohms or 8 ohms drive should I use?
Upgrading this can be tricky, because it's a vented box.

The outer dimensions of 16" x 16" x 16" indicate an internal volume of around 2 cu ft.

The frequency response of 36hz - 200hz means it is tuned pretty high for a subwoofer. You will need to measure the port dimensions, and plug them into WinISD to find the exact tuning. Regardless, IMO, 2 cu ft. is too small for a vented 12" subwoofer. You will not be able to fit a vent to get a low tuning.

I think getting a Dayton Reference 12" HF driver, and sealing the vent, would get you a musical subwoofer.

If HT is your thing, then the Dayton Reference 12" HO driver can work well. A 3" round 14" long vent would get you a 24hz tuning, but you would start getting port noise when you crank it up. If you went with a larger amp someday, the 3" port would be too small.

Thank you. My original plan is to change one component at a time, eventually, all components are not wasted when I am ready to put it together. I think I better off build a new one from scratch. $600 - $700 is my budget, is any proven blue print somewhere? By the way, what's your opinion about PartExpress's subwoofer kit?
I just recently put up plans for a nice 4cubic foot slot vented enclosure using the PE240W amp and our C12.2 woofer that is on clearance. The entire enclosure can be built from one sheet of MDF. The amp is $99 and the woofer is $75. The 12" has 16mm Xmax so it isn't a cheapo woofer by any means. The nice thing is that you could easily upgrade to a larger amp and better woofer in the future if you want much more output. Tuning of the enclosure is right around 20hz with a 1" x 15.5" slot vent.

Here is a link to the drawing of the box plans.

We built an enclosure for this over the past week. I'll be sizing the pictures and putting up a thread to document the build for this shortly. We went through the steps for assembly as well as prepping the box to be painted and then finishing the box.

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