Important! - Download new Zetex Spice library

Why!? - Read - Note that the mosfets are modeled as subcircuit . Zetex says that the normal model for MOSFET is not good enough.

* ZETEX Spice Model Library v4.4
* (Last Revision May 2002)
*To introduce temperature dependence for bipolar current gain
*into a ZETEX model please insert the term XTB. XTB is none
*linear with temperature and an average value around room
*temperature is 1.4. For better accuracy when working around
*-55°C use a value of 1.7 and around 100°C use a value of 1.1.
*Some ZETEX high voltage bipolar models use RCO & GAMMA as supported by
*MicroSim PSpice. Spice software which does not support RCO & GAMMA
*will model the quasi-saturation region incorrectly. The resulting
*model will return optimistic values for forward Vcesat, current gain
*and Tdon. If you have problems simulating the quasi saturation region
*with software, which does not support RCO & GAMMA, try increasing RE
*and decreasing BF and IKF to get a better result.