impedance of ESS Heil AMT tweeter?


2006-02-16 10:49 am
I'd sure like to have a few of these. :(

..Had some ideas for a big OB setup with them for a long time now. :cool:

People seem to be going nuts over these things.. kinda difficult to get ahold of a pair without getting caught up in an auction and paying too much. I wish ESS was still around..
I use a pair of Heil AMT´s have had them since late seventies i think, first model, some claim that the original diaphragm is better than new ones, i don´t know newer had to replace them. They are , i think, among the best hf units obtainable if bipolar work in your room. There has arrived, just a coupple of months ago, a new alternative, only front radiating thou, possible to modify for bipolar use with care. I´ve used theese since november, switching back and fort between Heill´, woodhorn with different drivers and the TPL150 and have become partial to the latter.
It also has the advantage of higher sensitivity and can be x/0´d lower than the Heill.


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