Impedance matching in hybrid amp

Hello, everyone
I'm trying to design a hybrid amplifier with 6N2P (12AX7) input stage and emitter follower output stage (see schematic, please - maybe I explained it improperly).
So question is - how to match the impedances of these stages? Do I need some matching stages, for instance, cathode follower? (I've seen something like this)

I took this output stage design from audio amplifier circuit, designed by Russian engineer A.Ageev in 1982 - it is very simple and unusual design - its thermostability is achieved by installing all the transistors close to each other, on same heatsink.
And, as I read on audio forums, this amplifier sounds really good.
So, input stage is "classical" common-cathode amplifier with automatic bias.
Also I plan not to place a negative feedback around the amplifier.
I haven't calculated the values of passive components yet, because I'm not sure that this design will work.

I attached the circuit of Ageev's amp and my draft.
Thanks in advance! Michael.


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