image quality on 9700 OHP

hey guys, new to this and am considering getting a overhead projector and a lcd as my first shot at a DIY projector in the next week or so.

yes i have searched and i've seen results of the 9700 3m but they've all been on lcd panels which i've heard are lower quality.

i've read possibly every thread here about lcd's and DIY projectors and results etc, since this is my first attempt at a DIY i didnt want to start from scratch and build my entire projector, so i've just adopted with the overhead projector and lcd.

Just some inquries. the lcd i was planning on getting was the Beng FP567S. I have read this is prefectly strippable.

spcs are 15", contrast 450:1, brightness 250 cd/m^2. response 16ms, xga (1024 x 768).

The projector i was planning on getting was the 3m 9700 overhead (4300 lumens). Something i should also mention is my room will be pitch black when i'll have the projector up and running, no ambient lighting leaking into the room at all.

just wondering if results will be on par with those here ? Thanks
3m 9700


I also purchased a 3m 9700 overhead. I was using it for my 15" projector project. I have given up on the overhead.

It is just so much harder to fix the stage size the keystone effect and the brightness of the overhead than it would be to build a box and mount all the components inside it.

I am in the process of building my beamer box now. I will use the overhead for my business.