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Hi all
Is anybody aware of a DIY circuit that would allow a s-video signal fed to a LCD projector to be inverted (rotated 180deg) ie: to allow use of a lcd projector tht is not designed for ceiling mount to be flipped onto its back and mounted upside down on ceiling
many thanks in advance.

George a
celing mount a tabletop projector

I was also thinking the same thing. I recently purchased a Sharp XG-E690U from ebay for $180.00. Its give a great picture for being a 220 ansi projector ( I figured I would spend more in making one than in buying this one). I can even watch it in day time with not much color wash-out, however it wasn't meant to be hung from the celing... which is where i would like to put it. I believe there should be a way, without mirrors to mount this thing on the celing.

I can't open it, already tried. There are some screws that would release the top cover of this projector and give me access but i cant reach them witha regular screwdriver.

I would really appreciate it if someone (technician or someone) would shine some light on this subject.


Find some off the shelf video editing equipment. Yes, their are schematics on how to construct one


Use a computer to flip the image upside down. Its best to use a dual monitor video card. One output will be for computer related stuff. The second output will be the LCD or computer monitor that the image is flipped.

Note: An inverter will change all the colors to their opposite colors. is good start to find circuits

Please see the following pics: pretty much self explanatory...

if the projector is mounted to the roof or on a tv wall unit it will throw most of the projection image onto the ceiling since it is a table top projector. only way is to mount it and filp the image (some how)

I heard it is possible with a HTPC (Home theater PC) but i dont have one set up yet. so i need to find another method.


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I thought the light would be spread evenly and not tipped tword one direction.

The projector's I've delt with do not throw the image higher than itself and you have to put books undernieth it to make the image high up enough.

I don't understand why you have a problem. maybe your projector is designed differently.

If the image is partially projected onto the cieling just tilt it down a bit so it shines on your screen.

Then you might complain about keystone problems, but wouldn't you get keystone anyway if the projector was mounted upside down?
yeah, this projector is different i guess. i guess when they design a projector to be table top... thats all they want it to be.

this projector shoots most of the image up.. like shown in the pics. i guess its so that you dont have to set it up on books/blocks/boxes.

i have to worry about keystone because this projector can only correct it by 10%. if i get to much keystone then the image will be all @#$% up and i would like a decent projection. i guess i will try to flip the lcd over or set-up a HTPC to see if it works.

ap0the0sis :confused: :D
it works great actually. bulb works fine, its a little on the white side but i believe it still has a good amount of life left. ( i just finished watching "Stephen Kings, The shinning", 6 hours long with no problems. it has low lumens but i am really happy with it since i have a totally dark room, i can also watch it with the lights dimed a bit.

there a guy on ebay selling the same one for $499.00 but not a single soul has placed a bid on it.

ap0the0sis:D :D
Thats much better than me.......i've got the following to fix before i can play with my projectors

Proxima DP5100 I paid 170 for it without a bulb
Infocus LP220 paid 70 without a bulb or lens......this one is 800*600 but might be harder to get to work finding a lens.

If only I could control my ebay impulses.
I just tried flipping over the LCD inside my projector and it didn't work out. The image projected was really washed out. Almost completely white.

I guess the light has to go through the LCD through the front of it. I noticed that on one side of the LCD it has a silver looking film and on the other it is a little darker. Polarizer maybe?

So now I have another idea. If I can locate a piece of flat 40 pin wire I can rotate the LCD without flipping it over. The wire it comes with is really short so it has to be replace with a longer piece.

#'s on the wire are as follow:
E66085 AWM 2896 80C VW-1 BANDO - s

I need a 1 foot piece. Anyone know where to get it? Or get something similar? :confused:

ap0the0sis :D
image invert help sony

Firstly, thanks to all for your commnts on the image inverter. I still haven't got anywhere though and I'm sure others will have the same problem-to clarify..

I have a lcd projector that is not designed for inversion (sony vpl-cs4) which I wish to ceiling mount. I cannot find anything that specifically tells me how to use a htpc or software or graphics card or DIY option to do it- can anybody help?--
Interestingly the sonY vpl-hs1 is a projector designed for home theatre and supposedly cannot be inverted (ceiling mounted).
How ever it actually can if you access the right service codes in the setup. dealer showed me how....

thanks again to all
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