I'm selling my DIY projector

I'm moving house soon and so I'm selling my DIY projector (sad I know, it's been a good friend, even sadder huh?)
I will be listing it on eBay later on, I haven't listed it yet because I'm not sure if I should sell the OHP and LCD panel as one package or sell them seperately. Maybe one of you guys is looking for an LCD panel only, and someone else is only looking for an OHP.
The OHP is a 3M 9700, 4300 lumens, and there's a spare bulb. The bulbs can be bought on eBay for less than a fiver and if like me you switch the OHP to half-light (virtually no visible difference) the bulbs can last for over a year.
The LCD panel is a Sharp QA-1100. Resolution is 600x480, active matrix, some millions of colours, not sure how many. There is no remote control because I never got one when I bought it myself on eBay about a year ago.
It comes with the power supply and all leads you will need to hook the panel up to your PC or TV (s-video).

If you're interested in one or both of these items let me know on this thread and I'll post a link to my eBay auction later today once I have listed them for sale. BTW I have 254 feedbacks and 99.4% positive so you know I can be trusted.

I'll be sad to see them go.