I'm new to audio an starting a home theater with old speakers my uncle had. Please help

Recently I was given permission to make a home theater in my uncles house however I was told not to exceed $600 and use the old speakers he had. I am planning to purchase a Denon AVR-S760H (Renewed) and a PJ20 Projector. These two come out to $500. and $50 for the screen. I'm left with $50 and these speakers he has at home; Bose Lifestyle 5 Music Center (5.1), Bose 108516 J x4, and Sony XS-FB1030. I want a 5.1.2 setup I read I should use the drivers and make custom boxes (My uncle has a wood shop so the boxes are free). I'll put the picture of what I have. I also came across the use of crossover or DSP. I would appreciate any help on what I should do and which drivers put together for the front, center, surround and heights.

Also. My Room is 16.5 x 14 ft. The screen will be 100-120" on the 14ft side. There will be 2 rows of seats.

This Is the Bose System



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Hmm, Dolby 5.1.2 Guide requires (7) speakers + sub, so which is which WRT box design/building/channel? I mean is the Sony in each cube or the 108516J or......? Regardless, without sufficient (T/S) driver specs can't help with box design.

Also, if this system is like the early ones, driver specs are optimized such that the components are designed as a system and not usable individually without significant EQ, so hooked up to a consumer HT it may not be able to completely optimize them in room or at least the early ones couldn't IME, requiring a separate high end multi-channel equalizer.
The Bose 108516 speaker looks like the 135491 (as per the sticker) which is the driver from the Bose 151 speaker. There are 2 x 2.5" drivers per box but don't build custom boxes, just use the existing ones. IF you do want to rebuild the boxes, use the same internal measurements and the same port dimensions. Use 3 of them for the left, right and centre. Use the double cube speakers from the Lifestyle for the 2 x rears and 2 x height. You have not shown a subwoofer from the lifestyle system. The Denon AVR-S760H needs a powered subwoofer so sell the rest of your stuff and put the money with your $50 into a powered subwoofer. Go for a 10" which will work well in your room and will give some excitement to your sound. Purchase a 10 inch powered KEF, Polk, klipsch or similar subwoofer. Mount the LCR speakers pointing slightly downwards quite high as you have to get the sound above the front row of seated people. Forget crossovers and DSP as you don't have enough money.