I'm in pretty deep!

OK, like most of my hobbies, I hit this car audio repair thing pretty hard right out of the gate. I had a few formerly nice amps that have been sitting around collecting dust (Soundstream Reference 700sx and a Rockford Punch X500.2) so I started delving into the schematics and pulling obviously blown parts off the boards. Next thing you know, I'm amassing all these tools, equipment, and bulk replacement components.

I now have about a dozen or so broken car audio amps and a boatload of replacement parts, not to mention a whole bunch of repair equipment (even bought an oscilloscope on a whim). I've spent a few hours here and there, reading through Perry Babin's repair CD, tinkering with the soldering iron and o-scope, etc. but I have yet to declare victory on any of the amps that are cluttering my bench. I feel like I am getting very close though. The Orion HCCA 225 is right on the cusp--think I just need to replace some driver transistors and it will be good to go. The Phoenix Gold XS2500 is close, too--I just need to do some more heat sink work before I can test it. The Soundstreams are both a bit of a mystery right now and I'm trying to get more familiar with them before I even start replacing components.

Anyway, I've been lurking for a while gleaning all sorts of great info from the forums, and I figured it's time to register and try to get some of these projects wrapped up! So a big blanket "thank you" to those who have posted here as you might have already saved me some heartache and you don't even know it. :)