Im gona build a gaiinecloone.. preamp qs!


2005-09-15 7:37 pm
Well, Ive set out this week to build one of those kits and see how they fare.

Either way I really cant decide what to do for volume control...

I was thinking just test it with my quad 44 pre but thats not exactly a permanent solution so if you had any good ideas or ideas for building a preamp for it (if its worth it) id appreciate it.

There are a lot of people that go for a passive pre-amp as they are "pure", but the decision should be based around your needs, such as how many inputs you have and if you have a phono requirement, would like remote control, etc.

Also there is an opinion that the chipamps sound best when used with an active pre-amp (buffer or with gain).

I am currently running a passive pre-amp with a good quality rotary selector which allows me to ahve 6 sources and an Alps Blue Velvet pot for volume control, however, I do plan to "upgrade" this to a buffered amp using the OPA627.

Hope this helps.