Im building car amp , please help !! Need help with it if you read this !


2016-04-29 3:56 pm
Hello , i need help , options & opnions from people who know what they are doing !!

I have a 1200watt amp car amplifier that i plan on using in a car , that i plan to pretty much gutt and up grade the parts or beef it up .
I have some plans for it but just wanting to make sure everything is going to work as i think please help !

I plan on changing out the heat sinks and adding upgraded / bigger and better ones .
I plan on changing out the capicators it has small stock one i believe sapcon 150+ . Im thinking about using 3900uf 160volt snaps . Will they work ?

I need recomendations on good transformers i can use .

And im changing out the mosfets from 50n06 to t20s of possible .


2016-04-29 3:56 pm
Post a good quality photo of the amp that you're going to modify.

Thanks so much for your response , please continue to help me if you can and i posted a photo please let me know if your not able to see it


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I'll continue here instead of by email.

While you have fewer than 5 posts, you're in moderation and your posts have to be approved. I didn't see it because the posts that are in moderation aren't highlighted when they're initially posted, like normal posts.

For my reference TS1440.

I'll start by asking why you're doing this? These amps are inexpensive and buying a second one *(using both amps) would give you more power than modifying this one.