I'm back and ready for more!

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Well, i have successfully completed my first amplifier. i built a simple 25W x 2 amp from QKits. It was pretty darn simple, and came out perfect the first time. it actually sounded just as good as my old aiwa minisystem.

well, im ready to move onto the next thing. thanks to everyone's help, i have learned quite a bit and think i am ready for a serious project. from start to finish, i only spend like 3 hours with the last dual mono amp. i need something a bit more complex.

i want something usable, that could possibly replace what i have. (reference series kenwood 320W x 2, its actually sweet). i dont need much wattage, im using smaller PSB towers, rated at 150W per channel.

i was looking at a lot of the aleph designs, but im really open to anything. price is a small factor, but the LARGEST factor is quality. second largest factor is repeatability. meaning, has it been tried and true over and over. i don't want to have to redesign much...

kits are nice, but i would do PCB's and buy my own components too (i would actually prefer that, for cost reasons, and to customize it). im looking for true mono's, with separate power supplies, and depending on price/power, i might bi-amp the speakers with em too...

thanks so much for you help guys! let me know by reposting or by my email.
i really dont know ANY of that about the kenwood. im sure it would. the kenwood is actually really great. i am into some high end gear (boulder, PS audio, meridian), but i just cant afford much, and this amp actually sounds really really good for being a kenwood. dont let the name fool ya :)

im sure the alephs will blow it away, and that's what im counting on. the only roadblocks would be price (i wouldnt skimp on anything), and my ability to build it. the designs look pretty straightforward, not the most complex i have seen...

if i could get some PCB's for an alright price, im in :) that was the ultimate goal, to build a pair of aleph's. (its best to build both at once right?)
Yeah, I'm not saying kenwood is particularly bad or anything, they just aren't the best out there. A harman/kardon from the olden days would most likely be much better, but you'll also find many amps that are much much worse.

Good luck with the alephs, if I ever manage to get away from my engineering fever, maybe I'll try and build something someone else has designed! It is a very good idea to build both at once and make sure they're as identical as you can get them.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.