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illusion audio nd-12 and infinity beta 300

I gotta clean out the place of stuff I'm no longer using. I have a bunch of stereo stuff left over from many previous stereos. The first is an 12" Illusion Audio carbon Nd-12. This is a sound quality sub. It can be loud, I hit 135db with it hooked to a memphis std-1000 amp in my 87 std cab ranger, but it is primarily a high sound quality sub. You would have to hear it to understand, they have amazing detail. Link to specs here:


It has a very short mounting depth due to the front mounted magnet, and I was able to fit the 12" and amp behind the seat of my 87 std. cab Ranger and only having to move the seat up one notch. If you want awsome performance in your standard cab but don't want to give up the much needed leg space, this is perfect. I have a box and grill for it as well, you can take it or not if you buy the speaker. It is made for Ranger std. cab , but you can probably get it in a s10 or other truck. It is 1.2 cubic feet volume, exactly as the speaker requires. Was made from MDF and internally sealed with silicon and screwed for strength. I have light grey carpet for the box that can go along as well. I paid $450 for the speaker and spent at least $40 on box material and carpet. It was used for 5 months until I stopped driving the truck. Will take $300obo for all, shipping not included.

Infinity Beta digital 300 mono sub amp. It is 1000x X 1 RMS at 4ohm rated, although they seem to be 2 ohm stable, and has the plug connectors with it. The paint has some rub marks in it because it was installed behind a bench seat in a 95 ranger and the seat rubbed on it a bit. The amp works perfectly and makes an awsome sub amp. It is fully digital and is clean power. I needed an amp that could do 1000w at 1 ohm so thats why I changed. $175obo + shipping.

These are shipping from Spokane WA 99204.





Yes I still have it. The speaker is basically brand new. I have a grill for it as well that will go with it.



those pics didnt seem to work. Let me try them from a different host.