IIS snooping?

Lets say i have an I2S master and an I2S slave, a controller and a codec. They transfer some audio data between them.

Is it possible to hang an addiitional slave, configure it to listen to the first chip's address, lets say add another codec, and have it output form the same stream. Is this possible? Is some sort of driver needed with respects to current drawn?

Im looking to extract the i2s audio data inside a computer and use it to feed another chip(without messing things up with regards to the already-present codec chip)

rgds Kristian
There should be no problem in adding a second slave to that system. You may need to use buffer/line drivers if the connection from inside the computer to the new slave is fairly long. This assumes that the 2nd slave never needs to talk back to the source. Or hope that the 1st slave tells the source the exact same things the 2nd slave wants to tell the source.

i2S does not have chip addresses. It's nothing but continues audio data going over a serial bus. And only one way.

i2C however is meant for (two way) communication between ic's.
With addresses for transmitter and receiver. So more than two can be on the same bus, a slave only reacts to it's address (read or write) provided by the slave.

If you are just listening to the 'traffic' then there is nothing stopping you.
If you want to communicate (I am assuming IIC here as GuidoB is quite correct) then you need to obey IIC protocols.

If you want to split left and right audio information to run a separate DAC then you will need to set them each up individuallly to be a left, and a right channel... this is where LRCK comes in.

Basically this IIC/IIS needs to be clarified as they are NOT the same, and have vastly different requirements.