Igor "Datagor" from Siberia salutes you!

Igor "Datagor" from Siberia salutes you!

People HI! My name is Igor.
I am old tired crazy Russian from Siberia.
I have a newborn baby, lovely wife, fat *** and headache.
Moreover of this I am the chieftain of one Russian Audio DIY-ers Community.
Look here: sound.datagor.ru

I try to do some new ideology for DIY-ers site:
1. There are almost no Articles without photos, schematics, PCB-diagr., and author comments. All together. I think it's usual thing for most of you. But for russians it is uncommon.
2. I think out the heavy duty aim for my destitute brain.
I try to help the many russians to read, understand and assemble the Audio Projects of yours. They can not read English at all. So I choose any Project (not so very tangled), then I ask author's permission and translate all the page.

Here is my first couple of work:
Look at "This webpage is also available in Russian." links to my pages and russian national flag nearby.
Mark Houston(AU) and Giovanni Militano(CA) remain pleased.

What can I say....
Who wants to live forever.. Oh! Sorry. Wrong words. Those Freddy! :)
All, who wants to be published on my site in Russian, write to me now! I'll be glad to cooperate.

e-mail: boss{dog}datagor.ru, replace {dog} to @
icq: 772529

Thank you!

Best Regards.