iffp 240 on ebay, fake?

why? Asians are cheaters?:rolleyes: today how many american giants are depending on Asians for their businesses?

indeed they are, but at the same time asians are most definitely making a business out of selling knock off fake electronic parts on ebay. this is not a prejudice thing, some great stuff and great people come from asia, but you have your head in the sand if you think that the majority of 'audiophile grade' parts for sale on ebay from asia are legit, I would stay well away!!

this is not isolated to Asia, but it sure predominates there; basically the old addage 'if it seems to good to be true it probably is' applies in spades
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2008-06-12 3:43 am
Why bother with fleapay when you can get them from Digikey for $4.54, 1,192 of them in stock. It's hard enough getting real ones from legit companies to even think about getting them from the orient UNLESS it's an obsolete item in which case you just take your chances.


Mouser has it at 3.25 each for 10-99 quantity. 40 of them will be $130 + a few $$ shipping, so total will be like $150. But you can be sure Mouser sells real. The ebay deal is $60 shipped, but it can be fake or real. No one can really tells until tested.

I will say this is pretty much a case of whether it is worth to take a risk of losing $60 (fake) vs saving $90 (real). If you feel the saving is worth the risk, then go for it. You can always dispute if the tested bad.

FWIW, there are fake gold (not pure, mixed with other metal) in Hong Kong. Even the locals are not immune ........
I said nothing of the sort, I knew SOMEONE would take what I said out of context, but I guess I gave you more credit than that. I said buying fro undisclosed sources in asia on ebay was risky for getting fakes and you would have to be a bit dim to disagree there IMO. I also buy all manner of things fro asia with very good results, good people do good things no matter where they are from
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