If you don't think trolling is destructive

Check out what is happening to newcomers in introductions.

2 choices here.

1. it's the troll

2 newcomers are being harassed as a result of the troll.

Either way - not productive - not humorous - destructive to the site. Which is what the troll wants and why the troll has been keeping it alive after he was banned.

Ken L

No smiley - nothing cute here.
A few comments here...

These are generalized statements not aimed at any single individual.

I have been a quiet member of this forum for several months. I have been a lurker here for probably a year longer than I have been a member. I like this forum. I occasionally find information that interests me and is beneficial to projects in which I am involved. I have rarely applied any personal feelings to my posts--this case is an exception.

I am sure that there are several camps on this issue, those that find this entire situation humorous (as I DID), those that are neutral, and those that have some stake in the outcome of this kangaroo court of public opinion.

There are two ways to address this issue. The first is to publicize the issue. Totally. Give the forum members a concise compilation of all the information on which the moderators based their decisions, let the forum debate the issue--as seems to be on going, form a general opinion for the issue and then follow it. The second and the way I would prefer to see it handled is to drop the somewhat asinine and contemptuous postings that continue to undermine the foundations of the forum. If this is the worst of your "relationship" worries than I applaud your life and wish that I had it. But if this is the only beef you have, then you don't have any. This is TRIVIAL. Let's treat it as such.

How ironic it is that to voice my opinion on the matter, I must contribute to the problem. Sorry for the long rant.

Fair Winds,


Powder Monkey
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2000-10-08 1:19 pm
I wouldn't worry about it too much. I think the commotion will die down over the next week. Embers stay after the fire has been extinguished but eventually, they too die out.

This has happened a few times. Big bang. Few days of dancing around the fire. Everyone gets bored and goes back to business as usual. If you don't want to watch the dancing then just look elsewhere for a couple of days.

IMHO the most productive thing to do is be yourself, and interpret what people are saying the most positive way you can.

Why not include the URL (or Internet address if URL is not the correct term) under the name of every poster? The Mad board did this after the trolls, multi-aliased, and even people posting under other peoples names got so bad that the quality of the discussions dropped significantly. This immediately stopped almost all of the foolishness and cut down the flaming and fighting. Suddenly trolls could not hide and were accountable for their postings. Cleaned up the forum almost completely.


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Jason said:
IP's are now visible to the public/private investigation army. Perhaps an eyesore but perhaps another needed step towards quality.

That helps as long as people realize that most IPs are dynamically assigned such that two completely different individuals may be assigned the same IP at different times.

I mention this because I've seen completely innocent users attacked my lynch mobs simply because they happened to have the bad luck of sharing the same service provider with some troll.

I have a static IP however so if you ever see any crap from, you can safely string me up without worrying about innocent victims. :)

peranders said:
This article was very good in describing the troll thing.

Mmmm. What they describe as a troll is more what I call a shin-kicker. The shin-kicker delights in insulting and ******* people off, but they're sincere in what they're doing. In other words, if they say they think you're an idiot, they really do think you're an idiot.

To me a troll is someone who is not sincere but disingenuous. They say things not because that's what they actually think or believe, but because they think it will provoke a response. Like trolling for fish. Your bait is disingenuous. It's made to appear to be dinner for the fish, but it's just a contrivance to get the fish to bite the hook.

I'm not entirely sure just how the word came about. I don't know if it originally referred to a troll leaping out from under a bridge to cause grief to the Three Billy Goats Gruff, or if it referred to trolling as in trolling for fish. :confused:

Damn! 9.99 posts per day. Can't quite seem to make it back to 10 let back to my previous 12. I'm a failure!. :headbash:



2002-01-07 6:02 pm
Is that really you?

Steve Eddy said:
I have a static IP however so if you ever see any crap from, you can safely string me up without worrying about innocent victims. :)

But then just below that it said IP: so is it really you? Or is it a

At least we know it can't be Romy, it's too coherent.

Re: Is that really you?

Brett said:
But then just below that it said IP: so is it really you? Or is it a

Nope. I just must have been typing with a sockpuppet on my hand and mashed the 3 instead of the 5. :)

At least we know it can't be Romy, it's too coherent.

ROMY!?!?!? :yikes:

Oh. Whew! Scared the livin' [email protected]#$% out of me there for a moment. You really should be careful how you use that name. You're liable to give someone a heart attack. :)

Re: not entirely sure just how the word came about

Peter Daniel said:
I believe Trolls are Scandinavian thing.;) Maybe Peranders could shed some light?

I had never heard about trolls before, in english. Troll in swedish (troll infact) is a creature (like Tolkien's Gollum) living out in the deep woods, long hair, big ugly nose, mean, eats kids alive and they don't like the sun....and yes, they do exsists.

promitheus said:
Aren´t trolls these creatures that live underground or in the dark and make a mess of your house when you are gone or asleep? or is that something similar?

Per-Anders was only half correct. Trolls may live in the woods,
but there are also mountain trolls that live in caves and fear the
light. The latter may even kidnap humans. There is an opera by
Ivar Hallström about a beutiful young woman who is kidnapped
and taken to the troll cave to live in the dark for the rest of her
life. Needless to say, she is rescued in the end.

I would suspect that what you are referring to is not a troll, but
the tomte. Each farm used to have a tomte living in the barn,
but he was only active at night and might cause you some
mischief unless you are kind to him by placing a plate of
porridge on your doorstep at night. They were not really mean,
since they also looked after things at night, making sure that
the animals were alright when the farmer was asleep. Eventually
the tomte even started to throw in a present in the house at
christmas time, but only one per family. However, in the past
hundred years he has transformed alot. his grey clothes has
become bright red, he gives away alot of christmas presents,
expecially to the children, and look surprisingly similar to the
american Santa Claus.
Did I hear anybody whispering Hollywood?? :)