If I was to buy... (Quad 405 Clone)


2005-09-15 7:37 pm

Ian Finch

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2010-04-11 4:22 am
Coffs Harbour, NSW
The circuit you posted is not the Quad 405. Check http://www.tcaas.btinternet.com/ and compare the language on what you posted...What, not English?....The original may well be improved by changes like this but bear in mind that people posting in other threads have not been all that enthusiastic about comparisons of this clone with the originals. I have built one set of amps identical to this one from "along1986090" and they certainly are reasonable quality boards and components but just not close enough to the original to give it that title IMHO.

BTW, These are very easy builds with no set-up requirements. The kit is otherwise just fine.

The parts are not as per originals either. There are other Ebay suppliers such as DIY Gene and Jims Audio Store who sell a PCB and kits using TO3 types as per original which may be a little closer, if that's what you want.

FWIW, you need everything else. A stereo pair producing 50W into eight ohms needs a DC power supply as specified with + and - rails on the site or schematic. Then, there are issues like controls for volume, input switching, perhaps a remote control preamp, an output protection relay and driver circuitry .....a lot more than just two basic amp electronics modules, depending somewhat on your actual needs. Now what about a case and making safe mains connections?:gasp:
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