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Identifying these Valvos.


2008-03-01 11:03 am
Hi- Cool forum and pleased to be here.

Got a question:

Recently bought some Valvo 6201s 12AT7WAs. Their codes are:

Df6-D8L2 ; Df6-D8I4 ; Df6-D1k2

Could anyone tell me their year of manufacture? I've been informed that DF6 corresponds to sometime between 60 and 64 but also as late 50s or even 70s? :xeye:


and are they the same as the one on Tube Classics described as a 6201 DF6 DX closed getter?

http://www.tube-classics.de/TC/Tubes/Valvo ECC81/ECC81.htm


Many thanks!!


2008-03-01 11:03 am
Thanks for your reply.

That Audiotubes page isn't the easiest to understand.

However, I've taken a second look at the Tube Classics website and they have a page on 'understanding codes' here:


First thing of note is that it says:

"Tubes BEFORE 1960 have a second line with only 3 digits".

So, if we take one of the codes I mentioned in my opening post (e.g DF6 on the first line and D1K2 underneath on the second line ) and use the Tube Classics page for indentifying its code we get the following:

DF = ECC81
6 = Construction type

on the second row there are four numbers, not three, so must be sixties, right?

D = Hamburg
1 must = 1961 (??)
K = month
2 = second week.

Unless I'm mistaken, that tube is from 1961 and the other two I mentioned are from 1968 because they have 8 instead of 1.

Interesting, because the seller of those tubes said they were all from the fifties. Hmmm :xeye: