identifying devices

i recently pulled apart an old power supply to use as spare parts and i have a number of 3 terminal devices that i am unable to identify as they have no clear part numbers marked on them ..... they have markings on them that look like this......

Item 1.
TO-264 package
caries a mark that looks like this:-


Item 2.
TO-220 package
caries a mark that looks like this:-

~ + ~

any help you can give in identifying devices would be greatly appreciated.


2000-11-24 12:02 am
The parts you salvaged are so called "double diodes" or two diodes in one package.
Usually the cathodes of each diode are connected togheter to form the center pin of TO-264 or TO-220 package so ANODE1 is on pin 1, Both CATHODES on pin2, and ANODE2 on pin3. You could (and should) verify this with a simple DVM with a diode test.