Identify these loudspeaker drivers and more info?

I got given 2 18 inch drivers off a friend.

Both were damaged. One has voice coil rub the other had minor damage to the dustcap and surround that I repaired.
The one with the rubbing voice coil, doesn't seem worth to recone as the frame aint cast.And has a normal ferrite magnet.
Also has a Titan sticker on the back.

What I can't figure out is who made the cast frame driver with screw terminals. Or it's wattage.

Looks like it will have an alnico magnet as it's hidden away.
Also looks very much like an old Altec Lansing driver. But searched their site and couldn't find anything.
Could be worth a lot if it's actually alnico and Altec.
Also was Trench Town written on the frame in permenant marker.

Heres some pics:



Thats the steel framed one[but tougher than normal steel frames] was Titan on the back. That has 3 large repairs on the cone and a seized up voice coil. Cone won't move.

Next is this weird looking one. I swear it's alnico. And looks very much like an Altec driver too.



Glue still waiting to dry[turns clear when dry] on the minor repairs on that one, hence the white blobs.

If this one works ok when I test tommorrow. What would you say it's worth? As alnico drivers can be worth loads.

Also getting a pair of Fane Studio 8's tommorrow. As those any good for 2 way cabs without a sub?

Anyone got the TS parameters[like qts,vas,bl,xmax,etc,? for Fane Studio 8's would be most gratefull.