Identify these drivers?

Can anyone tell what drivers these are? Nothing on the backs. No numbers at all either.


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If you look at the back of the driver on the second picture, you can see that the cone seems to consist of a network of something like kevlar.

As far as I know MarkAudio mainly uses aluminium.

Oh I'm pretty positive they are not Mark Audio. They look like fairly beefy drivers though. Was just curious is any of you guys knew what they were. They are DIY speakers. Unless someone painted the cabinets.
Definitly not Mark Audio. they have cast baskets and a polepiece vent which re not seen in any Mark Audio driver. Likely an OEM unit.

How much is being asked for the speaker?


$100 for all 5 speakers. Gonna go check them out after work today. $100 is worth the gamble. Plus seller says he has some other gear I might want. Ill report back later this afternoon.
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