Ideas for horn subwoofer (B&C 12PS32)

Hello everyone!.. i have this driver (b&c ps32) and i am thinking of building a sub ,specifically a horn type. I have built mth30s in the past, with great results, using ps32's smaller ''brothers'' the pz32's. I have seen martinsson's roar 12 sub plan, i find this very interesting design. I have done some reading and it seems that this design have some opposers , maybe it needs sove development maybe not, so it can reach the success of the mth30 or the tham 12, tham 15. I am open to ideas of course, since this site is a huge tank of knowledge with people that they really love what they do. thanks in advance and KEEP BUILDING....
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Hi dantonis,
First off, what are you trying to make exactly? I ask because you have presented the impossible.
A horn is very difficult to make into a sub as the mouth has to be very large. I mean house-sized large.
Second, you have presented a mid bass as a driver.
Do you want to make a bass bin?
Is this for loud rather than accurate?
Do you want another tapped horn or something different?
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Dear Cal, i bought this driver from a bass guitar player who upgraded his gear. So, my previous experience with tapped horns makes me want to build something similar. I am not expecting miracles, i want something compact one man lift. I know i have to do compromises, anyway we cannot have it all. I must consider bass reflex options also, but i' d like to know the way to take the most out of the woofer.


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upper mass corner (Fhm) = (2*44/.35) = ~252 Hz

min. throat (St) = ~13543/pi/252 = ~17"/43.45 cm

mean center = sqrt(44*252) = 105 Hz

min. mouth dia. = ~13543/pi/105 = ~41"/104 cm

traditional prosound tuning = 1.56*Fs = ~69 Hz


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using ps32's smaller ''brothers'' the pz32's
Although the 12PZ32 has a 3" voice coil and lower thermal power handling, the gap depth and winding height are both larger. More importantly, it's Qts is much lower and BL significantly higher, so it has a much stronger motor than the 12PS32.

So for PA, using the 12PS32 I would look at the MTH30, for home use I would consider the ROAR12. At PA volume the THD might become to significant in the ROAR 12.