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Ideal Bridge second GB

Here we go with second GB for Ideal Bridge rectifier.

First GB is here Ideal bridge rectifier GB

I offer 4 ideal bridges. All of them are named Saligny in the honour of the eng. Anghel Saligny who constructed King Carol I bridge over Danube.

Saligny Standard - operate at max 60Hz starting from 6Vac to 51Vac. It is able to continuous deliver over 16A with 1,4W dissipated power.

Saligny LC - Low Current. This is a very small footprint ideal bridge 10x10mm. It will operate at 60Hz between 6Vac and 40Vac. At max 5A will dissipate 0.9W

Saligny HVHF - High Voltage High Frequency.
This is the bridge to RULE THEM ALL.
It was designed around 4 high current high frequency mosfet drivers.
Selecting properly mosfet transistors is able to work from 24Vac up to 600Vac. That mean will withstand 850Vdc at output.
As it is, will work at max 100Hz and up to 300Vac.
For higher frequency and voltage operation, there is need for external power supply - min10vdc - max 18Vdc.
So, if you intend to use this bridge at the output of your SMPS, than I recommend you to power Saligny HVHF from a separate 15V. 1Ampere will be more than OK for 100KHz. However, for higher frequency, adjacent power supply current need to be increased up to 4A for 500KHz, this will mainly depend on mosfet's used. It will support centre tap transformers.

Saligny HC - High Current. This is a beast. Using top performance, under miliohm Rdson transistors, it will be able to withstand 100A continuous with 8W power dissipation. Operation between 1Vac and 30Vac. It will support centre tap transformers.

Saligny DIY full KIT - I have added one more column for Saligny DIY full kit. This include all parts to mount a THT ideal bridge, based on LT4320. This is an open source project, gerbers and source files have been already posted. Price will be 35 euro.

You may subscribe here Saligny - Ideal bridge GB - march 2020- - Google Sheets
Prices are listed on spreadsheet.
The list will be closed at end of June. Invoices will be issued via paypal. VAT 19% will be added for EU.

In attached picture, from left to right, Standard, LC, HVHF, HC.



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Some clarifications.

In order to get the most from Saligny HFHV, I need to optimise the mosfet selection and a small RC snubber.
At low Vds it is quite easy to get a very low Rdson mosfet who have also low Qg, but as the Vds is going over 200V there are few mosfet transistors that have low Rdson. However, the Qg is getting bigger with current capability.
As a result, I need to know maximum voltage, current and frequency, you are planning to use Saligny HVHF.
Please add this info when subscribing to GB.

For Standard, LC and HC, things are clear and no extra info is needed.

Thanks !

Only for this GB, prices get a drop, excepting Saligny HVHF.
These are as follow:
- Saligny standard 25 euro
- Saligny LC 20 euro
- Saligny HC 60 euro

I have added one more colum for Saligny DIY full kit. This include all parts to mount a THT ideal bridge. This is an open source project, gerbers and source files have been already posted. Price will be 35 euro.

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I have decided to split HV from HF. It is difficult to have a bridge that satisfy both conditions, high voltage and high frequency, due mosfet costs involved. Some very good mosfets are over 20euro each.
If you have special requirements, please mention in google spreadsheet.

I have redesigned Saligny HV and improved entire design. I'm excited by the performance.
What you may expect ?
Lower noise in any smps or linear power supply.
Exceptional bass response and midrange. Sound become fluid and full body.



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Thank you for subscribing !

Here is Saligny HVHF under an 300W bulb load.
In order do not fry the bulb (this is the second one :D ) at over 300V, I have used a 150V secondary transformer.
First IR picture is after few minutes of operation, while second one after 15min.



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