Id this ply?

Can someone please tell me what type of ply I have here? If my pic works!


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From the photos, it looks like the cheapo, non-structural stuff sold here for general purpose construction use. It has 'some' of the benefits of good ply construction, but the outer layers are very thin whilst the thicker inner ones are quite cheaply done to make up the thickness.

If pushed, I might use it in some places for small and/or inexpensive speaker enclosures, it actually isn't too bad in complete pieces (such as for the sides, or internal divisions).

But I personally wouldn't use it for intricate baffles, if I had better options. Cutting into it for drivers can leave small areas that are very weak (some of which may even be voids). It is also quite hard to cut without ripping the surface, which means lots of filling/sanding etc. In small areas, enough splintering of the (very thin) surface layer migh also compromise strength
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Yep they are economy speakers. They are my late father's garage speakers the roof leaked and this one got a little wet. I want to rebuild it and put back on the shelf where he left them.

I kind of thought it was 2 pieces of luan. It's only broke like that because I ripped it apart to see what the core looked like, i can't reuse it anyway.

Thanks for the input guys...