ICEPower Voltage Selection Jumpers

For anyone who purchased the Parts Express ICEpower modules, all six of mine are missing the voltage selector shunt.

I just ordered them from Mouser, but DigiKey has them too. They appear to be AMP 826853-1.

I'll update when I have them in hand. The tech drawings are terrible and I could not immediately find pictures or drawings for the mating pins.


Icepower voltage conversion


I came across your post, looking for voltage conversion on Beolab speakers which use Icepower. The B&O service manual references jumpers (6J200 and 6J201) but beyond that makes no mention of where they are, if they are simple cables or something more.

I looked up the AMP reference in your post but hard to tell what they actually look like from their drawings.

Could you shed any light on this? Maybe a picture? If I know what I am looking for it will be easier to find it.

I would really appreciate