ICEpower 50ASX2 Build.

Hey peep's

So I have an icepower module on the way, got near all my case and bits and pieces ready to rock and roll so starting a build / questions thread.

Has anyone here use the ICEpower gear much?

I was just planning on throwing the module into a case and that was it, but I think I might do more with it.

Per the designers manual I think I might run their listed opamp input buffer circuit and the +-12v regulated power supply to run said opamp kit and a speaker protection board.

Any one had success with this?

And can anyone recommend a 12v opamp chip for me?
I can get easy access to burr brown OPA134 series opamps and would use two dual chips

Im also running a separate 12v/240v relay for switching duties as none of the switches I like are 240v rated.
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