Icepower 125asx2 based amp


I'm in the process of building a pair of Overnight Sensations by Paul Carmody and decided to also make a diy amp (my 1st amplifier). I am waiting for the ice 125asx2 module (made of chinesium... hopefully quality will be acceptable) as Ive read quite a lot of positive stuff about them.

The speakers/amp would be used on a TV attached to Nvidia shield (Spotify/video streaming services).

My current concerns are:

1. Volume control on the amp. Afaik icepower amps need an input buffer to be used with volume pots? So I thought I'd just skip having a volume pot on the amp and just control volume via my TV remote (TV connected to amp via RCA). Is this a good/bad idea?

2. Power button. If I use smth like this: QitinDasen 3Pcs Premium 12V/24V 5A Self-locking Latching Push Button Switch, 16mm Car Ignition Starter Switch, White LED Light Stainless Steel IP67 Waterproof Switch with Socket Plug Wire: DIY & Tools
Can I attach AC L and N to it, as well as use 24v DC from the ice board to power up the led light? If so, do I need to use a resistor? What resistance?
I would have a fused 220v power inlet at the back.