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IC: Keratherm 86-82 TO-3 Insulators


2006-07-09 6:59 pm
Just wanted to get interest on a group buy for some TO-3 high performance insulators. Pricing would be $0.75 ea with a MOQ of 700 pieces. I'd sell them in batches of 30 for $25 including shipping costs (estimated cost). You can sign up for multiple batches.

We will need 20 batches / participants, which might be a tall order.

Dimensions are attached.

Please respond with interest.


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    Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.34.40 AM.png
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A couple of years ago I bought .5 square meters of the Keratherm product to use on my projects. I still have most of it and have offered it on occasion to folks. If you are willing to cut it yourself and punch the holes, I have been selling it in square centimeters.
Not as neat as precut. Just offering


2005-05-15 9:51 am
your 1st post says the word TO-3 but your drawing says TO-66 which is the tiny version of a TO-3.
BTW last time I checked you can buy real alumina insulators for TO-3 (no minimum) for 25 cents more. I don't get it?

TO-66 is very very rare nowdays, I can see why a big min order is needed.
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What is that, 20% the way there? Nice start.

I am getting some samples sent (of a "lesser" performing material) my way to verify dimensions and will post pictures of them once I have received them.

Hi Luvdunhill

Any news about received samples of TO-3 Keratherm's ?
All dimensions and material quality are ok ?
Best regards :)