IB gurus: Tempest vs. BPD 1503 for organs and explosions


2002-01-07 11:19 pm
Assuming four drivers mounted facing into 2200 ft3 HT with 1200 ft3 room behind, ignoring all room effects for the moment, assuming 500w/driver, no EQ, the drivers all equidistant from and aimed at a listening position 12 ft away, how would you expect the spl curves from 16-40 hz to compare at that position?
Would the BPDs start to roll off significantly higher? In both cases, where would you expect to be -10db vs level at 25 hz?
If the four BPDs were reduced to two with 1000w/driver, how would the answers change?
If the two BPD 1503s were replaced with 1803s?
How would addition of BFD-type EQ change the above?

thanks in advance for any and all answers.