Ian Canada ApplePi streamer dac build progress

I just wanted to post the project I've been working on for a bit

-Cal delta transport

Ian components as of right now
-station pi
- the big battery+cap supply
-receiver pro
-sine pi
-dual mono dac
-opa861 I/v

-well tempered drixo 5.6

-Xbox 12v 14 amp smps for battery bank
-random ebay set up for I/v

In the future
Ucpure for I/v and q7
I have the two frequency doublers coming so that I can use the 22 for the master clock on the ess dac

Love the sound! I'm sensitive about how dacs/digital affect piano tonality and I feel like this setup does not call attention to that at all! It's really beautiful playback. The first thing that really jumped out to me as this being a different level of playback for me was listening to solo singers and hearing the dynamic swings that before or either compressed or got harsh. But the dynamics feel natural to me.

The enclosure is in my opinion a great solution. Apple put a lot of EMI. RF type features into their enclosure. The top panel comes off just by pulling out a lever so making adjustments or doing anything is really easy. It also allowed me to isolate the pi up in a separate area in the old SMPS power supply location. There's also plenty of room to do things, I will still be able to fit the rest of the frequency doublers and ucpure supplies. And better yet it was only $40.


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